Mozilla have completely lost touch with reality: installing spyware (Looking Glass), including stupid shit nobody wants (Reader), breaking add-ons with their UI reworking, firing Eich, etc. That place is completely SJWed with a helping of desperation.

Not to mention that they banned Gab's Dissenter extension from their extension store.

So they're trying to wedge in an extra revenue stream in the form of: paid services which everyone already has from a different provider anyway— be it OneDrive, Google storage, or <whatever other billions of services there are, plenty of which offer a free tier>. They have nothing new to offer. Now they're simply leveraging their brand-name to try and bundle last-to-market paid services. This can only end well for them. I bet they become the next Microsoft because of it, lmfao.

Really, really, bad idea. Waterfox is free and better so why would we pay for a worse browser? Hell I paid for netscape navigator and it sucked but that was before IE was free or any other decent browsers were around back in 95.

Could you provide some alternatives? Pale Moon seems good but surely it would make you even more identifiable

waterfox, it's the best fork I've found and I can use addons firefox has disabled.

Firefox now to? They've gone downhill in the last year or two and I thought maybe they'd come back, but it's over with them for now. I need to make the switch to something else.

Waterfox seems to get some praise for leaving that SJW cancer behind.

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Going to use this for a while thanks. I downloaded Waterfox and transferred some stuff over to it.

I like it so far after I've tested it a bit and all my add-ons transferred just fine. I~~t's got a couple things that I've noticed so far, but that will probably be fixed in the future anyways. ~~

Edit: I walked away for 2 or 3 minutes and had closed Waterfox to walk back and re-open it. The add-ons all loaded properly and I was able to use the bar to search or go to sites directly just fine after I hit "enter". So it was only buggy for a bit. Just had to be restarted and basically everything works just fine like Firefox would for the most part from what I've seen. I had a problem where it wouldn't let me just close it to as well in the top right or the "X". Only closed after I closed the tab itself using the "X". That works just fine now to as well. Might of just needed a few minutes to catch up or something like that or restart it until everything works properly. In case anyone else switches to Waterfox and to fix what I said above.