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I thought that when I got into FOSS but I do not think communists doninate the FOSS world. I think over the past 5-10 years many libertarian and ancaps have entered the scene and have made the FOSS world more balanced.

The good thing about many FOSS projects is that even if the devs that runs a project is a commie, they cannot censor someone from using it due to its free and distrubuted nature. The only exception is if the FOSS project requires its users to have accounts. But when it comes to most applications and Linux distros they cannot stop someone from using it.

In this instance with F-Droid, they cannot stop us from using F-Droid but sadly they banned an app many of us wanted to get through F-Droid.

I've always liked Richard Stallman, except he's a commie. He's the only commie I know who I actually like. He probably wouldn't agree with this kind of thing. He comes from a much older school.

So tolerance is no longer one of the left a talking points?

I guess not. I was talking about how policies against "hateful language and speech" are simply excuses to censor and another form of intolerance and some lad replied with that infamous Paradox of Tolerance graphic. I swear one of these days, there's gonna be a Parodox of Condemning Violence graphic and many extreme leftists are gonna unironically share it.

It all started with The Linux's code of conduct: open source now is another kike controlled thing.

9 years in and they've already abandoned being neutral because "muh spooky Gab." They never really were neutral if this is what they do when they're faced with tests in the fire.

Gab said there gonna fork F-Droid. That is gonna be an amazing repository. But I can see Google and F-Droid kicking apps from their stores that are also on the Gab Android store.