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Fun fact. Amblypygi are an arthropod normally known as "whip spiders" or "tailless whip scorpions". They are not actually spiders, they do not produce silk nor have poison glands. Amblypygi possess four legs, a pair of palps (the big scary part) and chelicerae (the jaws).

Although scary looking as fuck they are not harmful to humans.

The name "whip spiders" comes from their first pair of legs are very long and thin, almost whip like.

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Still they do look like aliens.

Agreed. And if I saw one in my house I'd probably say fuck it and burn the whole place down.

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I just bought this house so I wouldn't burn it down, but I'd probably cover it in a air tight bag for at least a few months. The come in and bleach the shit out of everything.