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What I would give for a remind me function

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I might be able to help. What do you mean?

Like when someone posts one of these ideas and I like it or I want to investigate it and I'm too busy to do so at the time I read it if I could set a reminder I started working on a thing to do just that a few months ago but I got busy with IRL stuff and haven't had time to finish it.

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You know me and posting stuff I do. I literally built a whole task management system around that idea. That's what lifelist.pw is (what js.lifelist.pw was piggy backing a domain from).

So any idea I have that's even remotely worth doing is in there, knowing that eventually it will pop up again and if it is actually important it will get done eventually, and if it's really important it will get done now.

It just takes feedback on how important a task is to do immediately and then reminds you at some frequency based on what you told it.

And if you slam through a bunch of tasks it starts reminding you of the old things more.

Like I wanted to write a video publisher for my site (builds youtube like pages) but I had to back burner it. Well I was just working on that right now.

For some reason that confuses me. It's not the worst thing, but if it were gone I probably wouldn't miss it.