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Fucking legend I'd lick your butt crack for this!

Woah woah woah, hold your horses.

You're encroaching on my territory...

Can extra info be posted into the extra context section, after, original posting? (eg. post extra info up to an hour after posting original story). Thanks.

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You need to type at least one character for the context section to be enabled and editable after posting.

That's very nice, it brings an imageboard flair.

Are you kidding me? (in a positive way)

This is awesome!!!

I also suggest the ability to preview the context in link posts.

Oh wait, it has been added since yesterday.

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It’s been added at the same time as the context feature. It’s the small text icon for the expando that shows up if you add a context to a link post.

I have noticed that the context expando is missing on user post lists.

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I noticed that too but it’s the weekend and I’ll fix that on Monday 😜