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[–] Timmy [OP] 2 pts (+2|-0)

There is no problem. The earth is constantly shifting. The point was that the climate alarmists are assholes.

[–] shivashivashiva 0 pt (+0|-0) (edited )

"climate alarmists" ... how else is a deceptive-dirty-greedy-gypsy going to make a buck?!...

[–] Timmy [OP] 1 pt (+1|-0)

If by gypsies you mean Jews, yeah.

"jews" are no more than caucasian-yiddish-gypsies who have adopted "jewish occult rituals" while falsely claiming to be semetic!!!

try an experiment babes... invoke the "72 names of god", everyday, via youtube... and see if you become powerful enough to be stupidly corrupt?!...happy days!