[–] Timmy 2 points

RT.com is my bet. I'm not very good at wagering.

Yeah, I'm just stirring the pot ... but the Reddit angle does seem a good possibility. They keep their fingers in the same pot of users they pushed away ...

[–] xyzzy 2 points

I would say the opposite. Voat is where reddit pushes it's unwanted users to.

[–] Boone 2 points

Voat wants you to think it's elon musk. It's probably the cia

[–] AOU 1 point

I’ve read in several places people speculating on that it might be Gab or Bitchute.

It just seems like it would be the perfect fit for Reddit and a big reason for the secrecy. They're basically buying up their own users who've strayed, plus get a polar opposite platform with which they can experiment later. Putt may not even know ...

Just a theory and a reason Reddit also suddenly felt the need to take in a big chunk of new capital.

Bitchute I think is adding a thing to link Poal posts or something