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I had a weird interaction with him, a few days ago. He spoke in a very jewish manner and never replied when I said I'd keep my eye on him. Dude rubbed me the wrong way from the get-go.

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What do you mean jewish manner? What made you tilt? He started to type in hebrew or some shit?

Deflection, tone, style of argumentation, humor, etc. I've dealt with enough of them to more-or-less have said alert show up, in my peripheral, from time to time. I also don't want to give specifics, for reasons. This was the convo, tho: https://poal.co/s/TellPoal/134671/392abe4f-e108-4548-b6ef-feb302737d55 — see for yourself.

I'm glad you're being vigilant.
Excellent job.

Remember, never apologize for pulling weeds.

Pulling weeds. Brilliant. Better than my old stand-by: "Takin' out the trash."

Wasn't he/she new here?

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Reasonably, however they did it and I've got the proof. I'm not sure what other action I could have taken.

He seemed initially nice, but I wonder why he doxxes somebody, if he knows that:

  • It is going to get him suspended.
  • It could affect the safety of the doxed target.
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I don't know, I enjoyed the conversations I had with him.


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I made a point to respond to the accusations thank you for bringing them to my attention.


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Well I challenge you to name all the alts you have ever used on any website ever.


no, i nuked saba account i just lurk now, im rarly on here. I never ran alts here. I just needed an account to block people

and fuck off for dragging my name into this

You have never downvoted a post, according to your profile page.

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Check the account PuttItoutIsGone

I see. 30 downvotes.

But isn't @PuttItOut (not to be confused) a Voat.co administrator?
How come he came to Poal.co and behaved questionably? (if it was really him)

Edit: I meant @PuttIt0ut (with zero).

just so you know boobs, crensch was busted for doxing someone on voat. be careful with that fuck head. like full blown address and pictures


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You are probably right, but that was never my intent. My intent was to ban someone for doxxing which is a ToS violation. I'm not nor have I ever been trying to "get" anyone.


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I think you have the wrong idea about me. I think you perceive yourself to be some kind of threat to the site or something. I'm not sure but whatever you think I promise you are wasting your time and as long as you follow the very few rules we have in order to keep the place online you are welcome here too.