Comments I wish I could make.

Comments I wish I could make.

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You never get credit for what you do and you only get criticism.

I've been there being a mod sucks.

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Its what I can't say that sucks.

I bet you really want to tell many of us off for being stupid, or at least seeming to be that way. I can only imagine the conversations you had with Owlchemy, a fine stabilizing force that is missed.

Make me admin, retire and say what you want. Problem solved.

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Hmmmmm now that you mention it.

Then I could give my account to you and no one knows different. Shit, well now I would have to make another one.

Feel no remorse.
Speak the truth. All of it.

The only free men that have ever existed in this place did so at the expense of their peers' perspectives of their character.

It is a pretty thankless job. I was an admin of a very large vape related site and even there it could be hellish, i cant even image being an admin on a site like this that attracts trolls/shills from everywhere. Im not real big on filtering what comes out of my head so after two years i walked away without a word to anyone. I wish that i had taken some small breaks during that time, i think it would have made things easier.

There are always gonna be backbirths who try to tear it all down, fuck those people.. I know i am new here but you and AOU have my gratitude, this place is pretty awesome.

Make a shitposting account, just don't let it have any special privileges.

PMYB2 for serious shit.

TotallyNotShitposting9001 for calling someone a faggot.

You are admin of the most important bit of the internet, the piece that promotes freedom, free-thought and true education. How can greatness be easy? It never is or was. But what can be more important than being right, doing right and helping to hold back a last thread of greatness in a world gone dark? Being an admin here is a heroic task. We are either at the end of a tragic age - or at the beginning or a golden one. Your efforts are respected and you are important. Very important. The times call for heroes. Bless you good man.

In the future community moderation will be baked into decentralized sites and there won't be evil admins anymore.

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Well that idea comes with problems of its own, but I'm not counting on it honestly someone will always have to keep the OS running.

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