Call for an armed protest, get a free state of emergency


Call for an armed protest, get a free state of emergency https://pic8.co/sh/S4DkT9.jpeg

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The conclusion will be a furthering of the clamp down on white advocacy groups. The 2nd amendment will be tied to the notion of white supremacy and, along with the other arguments against gun ownership, this will be used to yet again push for repealing it.

What’s more, the strategy at play here by the govt (this isn’t just a state thing it goes all the way up) is to mold public opinion to see any form of activism, advocacy or ideology from the right or any expression of opposition to Globohomo as a form of white supremacist terrorism.

As a note, I expect at some point that the Q community will be steered, through drops and comments, to position themselves in opposition to the right “This isn’t what we are. We trust the plan, love Trump and stand against hate and terror with our minority and Jewish brothers and sisters. WWG1WGA!!!!!MAGA, etc”. The Q community is a cult and it will be turned against us.

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I agree with the Q part, they are reckless, they'll get played one way or the other as a result, it's only a matter of time

That said, I don't see the problem with organizing armed protests in blue strongholds that are designed to get canceled form the get go lol

Every blue stronghold gets a free state of emergency lol, and not a single militia/progun/nazi/rightwinger ever shows up haha only antifas and cops lol

Imagine that

Fucking with them like this IS good, it just shouldn't be the only thing done.

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I agree we need more ideas

The less predictable "we" are the better, the more predicatble they become the better

Ideally they paint themselves as crying wolf after a while, and it happens in several blue states

Why even protest? You know they're planning something. They are trying to pass a few fucked up laws. State: give us your guns and identify yourself. People: let's get together in a big group with all our guns and protest the people trying to take them. What could go wrong?

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You don't have to go to an armed protest, you only have to call for and request a permit for one in a blue stronghold, and cancel it, that's just the way it works

As a result you get a free state of emergency, imagine that

It can't get cheaper than that, even on black friday, and people are still complaining!

That's a pretty good trap. I never thought of it that way.

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You win with the cards you got, not the cards you wish you had

I remember winning poker once with a pair, just because everybody folded

And I suck at pocker, I'm a total noob and everybody knew it btw

I just asked a couple of times for confirmation regarding card combination such as flush, straight flush, straight, because "I'm a noob and I'm not sure"

Luck of the beginner, it's a thing