6-15-2019 3:04 am pacific voat down.

6-15-2019 3:04 am pacific voat down.
[–] AOU 12 points

Hi there, welcome to poal.

We have a special sub for voat related topics: /s/meanwhileonvoat

I like how on Poal there is an effort to get people to post to relevant subs. It's nice.

Won't be surprised if it is down indefinitely. Putt's seemed MIA ever since he reversed his banning fiasco weeks ago.

His allowing multiple same-nigger accounts and vote brigading is why I came here.

I haven't posted a single comment since I was unbanned. Something is very wrong with that place now. It used to be so much fun.

Chill out. This has happened plenty of times. Unless something has been going on that I've missed since I left, itll be back when putt figures out the issue.

[–] chronos 7 points

Logs probably filled the disk again. That's why I removed myself as mod on several subs over a year ago and created an account here.

really doubt that it's gone

but welcome to poal, it's comfier here. We have hobbies AND free speech.

It was geeking out several hours ago and then just gave up

This happened last year and was a catalyst behind starting poal.

voat was sketchy then, voat is even sketchier now

C...can I crash at your place?

[–] roadatlas 3 points Edited

you can sleep on the guest iceberg with the polar bear

as long as you don't shit up the place then you can stay as long as you like.

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