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I heard fatphobia was successfully eradicated in Venezuela.

the chubbettes will be invitedescorted to all the urban barbeques when civilization fails

Nah, there's only so much you can do with a fuck-ton of lard. Although, I guess we'll never run out of oil to deep-fry random shit in.

All that massive amount of stored energy would be used to heat homes and cook food over, after the fatasses get melted down, should civilization evaporate.

To quote Bernie Sanders, "...and that's a GOOD thing!"

I always read all of Bernie's quotes in Gilbert Gottfrieds voice. They're similar enough imo. IDK why. I just do.

Western civilization is dismantled back in Inida.

why doesn't she just go back?

Because she can over indulge all she wants, safely complain about her fee-fees and have a circle-jerk fat fuck hug fest. In India they'd probably beat her for being obese while everyone else is starving and drinking cow piss.

This is what turned me off to The Walking Dead. I enjoyed the mindless zombie killing as a respite from red pilled day to day life. Then they introduced the fat music guy, the fat black lady and several other characters were getting fatter. Just killed the illusion of that post apocalyptic world. One episode the fat black chick was riding in a carriage while the skinny people walked! Yeah right!

And of course fat music guy looks like a fucking jew which made it even worse. Fuck that show.

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There is no such thing as "civilization." It's really just a lot of people living in large groups within concrete or wood structures. It's actually quite a jumbled mess if you really look at it for what it is.


This phobia shit has to stop nobody is scared of fats fags or trannies ,being repulsed by something doesn’t equate to a phobia.

No for sure not, I know of tons(get it) of fat people in the third world.

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