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That might actually be the reason. Been a while since I watched some crowder.

He's fun, I still watch him from time to time; he can be funny sometimes.

Hell, he beats most anything on television, to be fair, but that's not saying much.

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I do enjoy him. I mainly put him on so I can listen when I'm cleaning around the house. Not sure why I stopped but it's time to start that habit back up again.

I have a bunch of catching up with his show to do, too. I've been enjoying shorter, pithier windbags lately, but he injects the amount of humour I want, where others do not, and I find myself injecting the smartass comments that I wish were there, when he injects his own brand of smartassery, which is different than mine, and I appreciate that. I can absorb other comedic style listing to that kind of thing, perhaps. We need more humour; news and everything in general is starting to make me angry instead of amused again, and I confess, that is a personal shortcoming, but I guess nobody's perfect.